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About us

Make a business website with us
We are dedicated to providing an easy-to-use, cost-effective and time-saving website creation and maintenance service.

Websites are vital to business. They are on business cards, advertisements and sales receipts. It is essential for businesses to control what their website says, how it looks and what it does.

Our do-it-yourself online editing technology is patent-pending before the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office. Our servers are located in a world-class data center.

Commitment to excellence
It's not good enough to be the best today. We are committed to updating and upgrading, to adding new services and features with a constant eye on where we need to be tomorrow to meet your business needs.

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Website2Go is a service of Atomicweb
Atomicweb has been building websites for industry and government since 1994. The company developed Website2Go to put the benefits of their Internet knowledge and experience into the hands of business owners.

1994 NASA home page
Atomicweb created the website in 1995.

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